24th May 2015 Owls & Orchids.

_MG_6770 copy

Time has been limited again this week, with no repeat of last Fridays excitement. That said, the Tawny Owls were still performing. I also got to see a single Early Spider-orchid this spring after thinking I’d draw a blank, although only one plant was found. 1 or 2 Spotted Flycatcher on a couple of mornings and another Red Kite (24th of the spring for me). A Marsh Harrier went east behind Hodcomb on the 23rd. The Stonechats on the headland are also beginning to fledge their first broods.

_MG_6929 copy

2 of 3 fluff balls.


Early Spider-orchid. Really hard to find and perhaps not the most inspiring Orchid to be found on the headland, but nice in a understated way.


Red Kite, come in number 24.

In addition to the birds I have seen, a flock 15 Red Kite were reported over Eastbourne during the week. That would take the current local tally to almost 40 individuals seen so far this spring. I don’t believe all (if any) of these birds are continental migrants but birds from the west and interior of the country. I base this impression upon the flock of 7 I had in March being seen an hour before over Lewes, 10 miles to the NW. 90% of the Kites I have seen arrive from the west or northwest then head east.


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