13th May 2015 – Tawny Owls

Weather today was fine with a slight easterly breeze. I’ve been very busy with work but have had time to squeeze in some birding, mostly first thing in the morning. A bit frustrating given the month.


Tawny Owl.


… and a little one.

Good to see the Tawny Owl have been productive again on Beachy Head.

A few quick sea-watches last week produced 10 Arctic Skuas, some of which flew down the beach in the extremely unseasonal gales on the 5th & 6th. It’s generally excepted spring sea passage was very poor at Beachy Head this year. Firecrest on the 8th & my first fly over Tree Pipit on the 10th. Later that same day I bumped into the escaped Hooded Vulture up near Horam, which was a surprise. I believe the owner, who is in Hailsham, managed to retrieve the bird from somewhere in Kent on the 12th! A hand full of migrant Painted Lady Butterfly from the 11th at various sites on the headland. Red Kites recorded this spring crept up to 23, with three seen lazily flapping east on the 12th. The morning of the 13th brought two new spring birds for me in the shape of 3 Spotted Flycatcher around Belle Tout wood and a Cuckoo, signing distant out towards Cornish Farm.


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