21st April 2015 – A spring Wryneck & Osprey from the Kitchen window!

Glorious sunny weather continues with a strong ENE wind.


Common Whitethroat.

After seeing my first on the 13th, numbers are slowly increasing day on day with many birds now defending territories.

The Wryneck, found by Les Bird on Saturday, continues at Belle Tout. It frequents a large area 5 – 50m east of the wood but it is frustratingly difficult to locate and (for me at least) very flighty. Such a great bird, my photo’s do not do it justice. It’s also the first I’ve seen in spring with all others being in the autumn. A Red Kite passed low over the old trapping area and there were two Willow Warbler and a Chiffchaff in Belle Tout wood so migrants very low in numbers this morning. Although a north bound Osprey from the kitchen window (which overlooks the eastern side of Beachy Head) at 11.20am was exciting consolation for a quiet morning. Thanks again to the Local Herring Gulls for the heads up! All too quick to grab the camera.


Red Kite, number 16 so far this spring.


Appalling Wryneck photo’s!

On the 19th I walked out to the Beachy Head lighthouse with family, an impressive structure up close. It also allows you to view the whole 500ft cliff face from below. I noticed the Raven had 4 fledged young following them around the cliff. Built in 1902 and manned until 1982, it’s still operational although it’s range has been greatly reduced to just 8 miles using an LED light… according to wikipedia! Be sure to check tide times if you’re thinking of making the trip.



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