23rd March 2015 – Evening Brent Geese.


Dark-bellied Brent geese on the move.

Bird migration is for me an almost transcendental experience!. After weeks of easterly winds it temporarily swung south west this afternoon. To capitalise on that tail wind, Brent Geese from further down the coast were moving. Arriving at Birling Gap for 17.10hrs, I counted approximately 1300 birds, in large flocks & often very high. These will have been birds that have wintered further west along the south coast. I’d love to know exactly where they had departed from. They seemed to have the intention of going on through the night, maybe to staging areas in the Netherlands or Denmark, or perhaps pushing on further.


Instead of the usual low level flight path over the sea around Beachy Head, some flocks like this one were passing high over the car park at Birling Gap. Performing a short cut over the headland.



For me Brent flocks resemble a peleton of cyclists racing into a headwind, constant movement throughout the skeins as each bird keeps in the slip stream of the one in front. I wonder if they shave their legs too?


Small group of Oystercatchers also eastbound.

There were also several hundred Black-headed Gull moving east too, but I didn’t pay too much attention to them.


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1 Response to 23rd March 2015 – Evening Brent Geese.

  1. Bruno Rodrigues says:

    Nice one! I loved the pics. I wonder if they grow their beard during winter? I wonder if they rant about work too?


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