14th March 2015 – Sand Martins & a Yellow-legged Gull.

Slightly off site, and somewhat incidental (I was cycling at the time) but worth a mention all the same. 2 Sand Martin were zipping around the flooded field near The Long Man brewery at Litlington. Really good to see some “proper” trans-saharan migrants.

I spent quite some time on Beachy Head yesterday, 13th March, in the hope of digging out a Wheatear but to no avail. There was still at least 1 Firecrest in Belle Tout. Further to the previous post regarding “Rubicola” or “Rubicola like”  Stonechats. There were 3 separate males, all with whitish rumps at various locations. Some of these birds were singing and on territory with accompanying females. The sheep field between the pub and the dew ponds has held good numbers of gulls of late, including this 2nd calendar year Yellow-legged Gull. People who hate or have no interest in gulls look away now. I looked for the Rough-legged Buzzard at Jevington during the afternoon but could see no sign of it during the hour I spent there. All the fallow fields have now been ploughed and I’m guessing that may have prompted it’s departure. But I guess it could still be around. Whilst looking into the ploughed fields, I got on to what appeared to be a Continental Jackdaw just as a Sparrowhawk flushed the corvid flock and it was lost.


2nd cal. Yellow-legged Gull.



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