22nd October 2014 – Red-breasted Flycatcher


Red-breasted Flycatcher. Beachy Head.

A quick lunchtime dash to the Old trapping area to catch up with this beautiful male Red-breasted Flycatcher that had been found earlier in the day. What a great bird & find by Tony Cook.

I visited Whitbread Hollow from 07.45 to 09.30, a bright start with a chill in the SW wind. Birds on the ground were limited to 5 Chiffchaff  whilst a few passing finches dropped into the tree tops before continuing on. I pay very little attention to Wood Pigeon most of the year but the large overhead movements in recent days have left me impressed. Today saw a minimum of 4000+ birds with perhaps 400 Stock Dove within that total. Looking east along the coast to Hastings, large west bound flocks could be seen heading towards Beachy Head. According to BWP most of these birds are of continental origin, from northern and eastern parts of their European range. In contrast UK birds are fairly sedentary. I was told by John Cooper that counts of 15,000 have been recorded on November mornings.


Wood Pigeons on the move.

Supporting cast to the Pigeons and Doves were 200 Goldfinch, 30 Chaffinch, 6 Siskin, 2 Brambling, 1 Reed Bunting, 3 Swallow, 2 House Martin, 1 Redwing & 3 Skylark all west. Also 2 Bullfinch could be heard calling from the Hollow.


Brambling this morning.




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