September 22nd – Osprey.




A well timed break spent at Shooters Bottom was worth it!

A few hours spent in Whitbread Hollow first thing. The wind was from the NE with a distinct autumn chill in the air. Overhead passage was again strong for another morning with birds heading into the wind but meandering a bit more than last few days. 250+ Swallow, 80+ House Martin, 150+ Meadow Pipit with some birds coming down. Finches also beginning to feature with 4 Greenfinch, 20 Linnet and 50 Chaffinch, everything heading east or north east. Also in the mix were, 2 Pied, 2 Grey and 3 Yellow Wagtail. On the ground the highlight was a Grasshopper Warbler with Blackcap (80+) and Chiffchaff (30+) still being the most conspicuous species.  Also 3 Goldcrest. Highlight of the day came during a break from work when an Osprey passed high to the SE over Shooters Bottom at 14.40hrs. There were perhaps 600/800 hirundines in the air over the headland with 25 Chiffchaff and a few Blackcap in the bushes there too.


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  1. Wow! It’s the same one I saw at Marina del Rey. I actually attached a msg on it’s foot. Hope you the chance to read it!


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