3rd to the 9th of August. Cuckoo

Weather mainly settled & warm followed by clear nights, light W/SW winds at times, increasingly windy towards the weekend.


Willow Warbler.

A steady number of migrants throughout the week, a Cuckoo on the 4th was a pleasing and increasingly rare sight these days. The morning of the 5th being the most productive with (approximate numbers) 40 Whitethroat, 25 Reed Warbler, 12 Sedge Warbler, 6 Willow Warbler, 3 Wheatear.


Reed Warbler.

After the main departure of Swifts in last few days of July, small numbers seen throughout the week with c200 over Beachy Head on the evening of the 7th, also two Tree Pipit flew south on the morning of that date, they were the first of the autumn for me. Two Nightingale on the 4th and one 8th, heard but not seen. I’ve been enlightened this autumn to their dry, rasping alarm call, or “croak” that follows the rising whistle I’m more familiar with. Just singles of Lesser Whitethroat on the 7th and 9th. Whitbread Hollow held a Grasshopper Warbler and 2 Garden Warbler on the evening of the 9th. Fly over waders in the form of a Whimbrel & Ringed Plover  on the 7th and 9th respectively. And something for the Larophiles (me) in the shape of a Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull on the morning of the 9th, amongst the Gulls roosting in the fields behind the gap.


Corn Bunting. A number of birds still singing.

Non bird news, at least 10 Hummingbird Hawkmoths seen and a Clouded Yellow butterfly.


Chalkhill Blue.


Common Blue, closed wing detail.


Southern Hawker Dragonfly.


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