Birding 26th of July to 2nd August. Grasshopper Warbler & Redstart

Another week of warm weather with a northerly drift to the winds early on with heavy showers on the 28th July and overnight on the 1st August. An early Common Redstart on the 26th below Belle Tout lighthouse followed by my first two Wheatear of the “autumn” on the 30th and personal peak counts of Willow Warbler (c25/30) on the 31st. Whinchats (2 & 1) around the 1st August and Grasshopper Warblers seen on two dates. In general activity was high during most visits with good numbers of (local?) Whitethroats & Stonechat. A Nightingale was seen and heard in Shooters Bottom on the 31st/1st.


Grasshopper Warbler.

Big feet!.


This bird was at Shooters Bottom on the 2nd.


Common Redstart.

This early male was on the track below the lighthouse, good to see the start of autumn migration.


Willow Warbler.


The fine summer weather has proved excellent for Butterflies, below are just a few of the hundreds upon the headland this week. I also had a Hummingbird Hawkmoth on the 31st.


Silver-spotted Skipper


Dark-green Fritillary.


Marbled White.


Common Blue.


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